Moving My Directory - SOLVED

Good morning,

I have been using GRAMPS successfully for a number of years and find it excellent for the task.

A search of the various online information did not reveal an answer, so here goes…

I originally created directories within the main GRAMPS directory. All works well, however as it’s quite cluttered I have created a sub directory MY FAMILY TREE and then copied all data to that sub directory. The data structure is simple and based on unique Surnames, Reports and that’s it. All media is placed within each person’s directory.

What I need to do now, is point GRAMPS at the new location as the next step will be to delete all the original directories.

I don’t want to break anything but the question is how to do this. What steps do I need to take? I would appreciate advice on how to achieve this.

Thank You, Boris

From the menu use Tools->Utilities->Media Manager… to Replace substrings in the path

Thank You Sam888 I;ll give that a go. I appreciate the swift reply. B

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Worked like a charm. Thank you.

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