Missing PyICU module at Linux Ubuntu installation

Hello all,

I am new to genealogy and also to Gramps. I have installed the latest version on Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and when I start I get this Warning:

.gramps.gen.utils.grampslocale.WARNING: ICU not loaded because No module named ‘PyICU’. Localization will be impaired. Use your package manager to install PyICU

Does anyone know which PyICU module or package this message is talking about and where (repository) do I get it for Ubuntu 20.04.

Here is some information about my system:

GRAMPS: 5.1.3 
Python: 3.8.2 (default, Jul 16 2020, 14:00:26) [... 
BSDDB: 6.2.7 (5, 3, 28) 
sqlite: 3.31.1 (2.6.0)
BS: Linux
Verteilung: 5.4.0-45-generic

Thanks for any help and br,

You can try to install python3-icu.
It depends on your distribution.

Made my day! Thanks - I installed the package you mentioned and it solved the problem.
Br, MiKa

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