Merging fixes from maintenance branches to master

Trying to understand the process of resolving bugs when the code has been submitted to the maintenance branch, but not yet merged to master. As an example refer to Bug 12625.

Resolving bugs section in the wiki says, “Bugs in maintenance branch projects should not be marked as “resolved” until the developer has committed the change into the corresponding maintenance branch. Additionally, it is the developers responsibility to make sure the change has been merged into the master branch.” (emphasis added).

Additionally, the Branches section in the Committing Policies wiki says, “The current maintenance branch should be merged regularly into the master branch.”

Are these two policies in congruence with each other? It would help if we could have clarity on:

  1. When a bug fix PR is merged into a maintenance branch, should the bug be moved to “Resolved” status?
  2. At that point is the bug fix author responsible for creating a PR for master, or will the bug fix be merged to master in a bulk merge as mentioned in the Committing Policies wiki? Should the bug report be held open until the fix is merged into master?

In practice regular bulk merges would make life easier for developers, but if not done regularly, conflicts could create a headache for the person doing the merge. For example, attempting to merge the maintenance/gramps51 branch of addons-source to master has many merge conflicts.

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