Media to show on Person page

GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1 Windows 10.

I have loaded media images and the names are based on the SURNAME DOB Christian name - date of media and details. It appears the earliest photo becomes the image shown on the “Person” pages and on the Family Tree in the Web Site created. Is there any way to select an alternative media image?

Thanks, but I tried that and it did not work. Any other suggestions?

As you note, the first image becomes the primary image.

Are you able to highlight the replacement image, then middle click and drag it to that first position (it may require to be dragged to the extreme left of the first image to get it to stick).

Under linux, and the version Gramps 5.1.2 running here, there are an additional 2 arrows (left and right) in the button bar which will move the highlighted (selected) image accordingly. I take it that is missing under Windows?

The media image that is the first in the list will be the image displayed. All you need to do is drag-n-drop the image you want to that position. There are also right and left arrows so you can select the image in the list and move it.

This actually does not do what you expect. If you were to do the right-click Make Active Media, it actually makes that media record the active record in the media list. So if you were to then go the media list view, the record you would be on would be that record.

Thanks for all the responses. The issue I have is that when you look through the media I want all the media for a person to be together so when you click on NEXT bottom you do not go to other people until you have seen all the media for that one person. So what I have done is named a new media for the person for the image that I want to show on their page and called it Surname YYYY ChristianName - 0000. This way it will always be the first one (in date order). The tip on clicking and dragging was most helpful. Thanks