Looking for Isotammi "Import CSV sources" tool

To @kku or anyone else who may know:

The Isotammi wiki mentions an Import CSV sources tool. I installed all of the Isotammi addons but can’t find it. Does it exist somewhere else? I would like to try it, and possibly modify it to include additional columns of data for each created source’s repository reference (media type, call number, and the ID of a note to attach).

Thank you.

(The following English translation of the wiki page is by Google Translate. I think “archive” means “repository” in this case.)

Import CSV sources

The tool " Import CSV sources " is a specialized tool that can load sources into Gramps from a csv format file. From each line of the file, the tool creates an Archive (optional), the source and Additional Information (optional) and a Feature (optional) related to the source.

The tool is installed in Gramps’ Tools>Isotammi tools folder.

The tool is given a .csv file as input, from which the information under the following column headings is read: - title (mandatory) - author - abbrev - pubinfo - repository - …

Names must be written exactly like that, in lowercase letters. The order of the columns does not matter and you do not need to use all of them. Other columns are ignored.

Each line is made a new source and given a running id numbering (S0001, S0002, etc.). That means any gramps-id information in the file is not used. If there are already sources and archives in the stock, there may be duplicate id values ​​(but they can be renumbered later with the function Tools>Family tree processing>"Rearrange Gramps IDs, where the Source and Archive items are selected)

The contents of the title, author, abbrev and pubinfo columns are stored as such in the source.

The Repository column has a special treatment:

  • Repository can be empty, in which case the source is not connected to any repository.

  • If the column has an id in square brackets (of the form [Rxxxx]), then the source is connected to the corresponding archive, if it is already in the database. If. there is no archive, then a new archive will be created named “[Rxxxx]” and the source will be attached to it.

  • If there is another value in the column, then it is interpreted as the name of the archive, in which case a new archive is created with this name and the source is attached to it. However, if the same name is used multiple times, the tool only creates one archive. If the name is already in the base of an existing archive, the tool cannot connect the new name to it (this can be fixed later by merging the archives in question).

I don’t know anything about it but isn’t this plugin

Thanks @bjc49 but that seems to be a different tool, designed specifically for data from the Finnish Genealogical Society that has been formatted into a note in a certain way. The tool I’m looking for (if it exists) sounds more generic.

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Hi. I have now added the tool to the Isotammi addon collection:

Hopefully this works ok. Note that there are some new features.

Thank you @kku, it works fine. I think it will save me some time, especially if I can enhance it to include more repository reference data (media type, call number, notes). Thank you for sharing it.

The painless way to add Isotammi addons is by temporarily changing the “Where to check” addon server location in the Third party addons management in the General tab of the Preferences:

  1. Make certain the “What to check:” is set to: New and updated addons
  2. change the “Where to check” is set to the Isotammi project addon server: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Taapeli/isotammi-addons/master/addons/gramps51
  3. click the Check for updated addons now button
  4. select and install the desired addons
  5. restore the “Where to check” to the Gramps project addon server: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/gramps-project/addons/master/gramps51
  6. restarting Gramps is only necessary to recognize some addons … but do it anyway … just to be on the safe side.

Note: Installing the Isotammi Configuration gramplet (only accessible from the Dashboard) offers the ability to switch between the Gramps project and Isotammi project addon servers by clicking a radio button and then the Save button.

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