Isotammi Add-ons testing

Please reply with incompatible or missing add-ons found during the beta test cycle.

Only 1 per response please! Otherwise, things are too easily overlooked.

Please remove the Themes addon from the 5.2 archive until an actual 5.2 compatible version is created.

Themes causes Preferences to error and become inaccessible in the beta 5.2 list
The posted version is for 5.1 and currently incompatible. (See Error message for master)

(Workaround if installed. Use the Plugin Manager in the Help menu to remove the offending addon)

@kku of the Isotammi project has created a 5.2 addons-en.json listing and the companion 5.2 addon repository for testing their add-ons and the new Addon Manager. (Another big ‘thank you’ to Kari!)

In the following dialog, I have added a listing (See the + - buttons in the lower left of the dialog) for the Isotammi collection and a test list on my local drive. (Note the triple slash for the local file:/// path. There is no browsing option to the location for a hosted or local path. And it fails silently. You have to get it exactly right or be baffled.)

During the 5.2 beta cycle, the format of the addon list could evolve quickly. So until the public release marks the format has stopped changing, Paul Culley is maintaining a mirror compatible with the evolution.