Indication that an event has a source reference on the event line

Running 5.1.6 (Windows 10) - Being a Legacy user but moving to Gramps because of the Location hierarchy wondered if there was a way to show the event has a source citation in the multiple event list similar to Legacy which has an icon. I know I can place something in the description or bring up a gramplet to show the citations but I was hoping to look at the event list and know what citations were not entered yet.

This feature will be in 5.2. Currently in beta testing.


The same will apply to other lists. If an item in a list is sourced the sourced book icon will display.

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You can set up a Custom Rule for Events that looks for any Citation of several conditions. Such as Events that have certain Sources… or number of sources… or quality of Citation.

Normally, filters are used to limit which records are displayed in a view or are exported/printed. But you can also use the Add/Remove Tag addon Tool to add a Tag to the records. And you can use the Edit → Organize Tags to set a contrasting color and priority for tagged records.

And if you’re up for trying some bleeding edge addons, the CardView experimental addon has views with more visual indicators for secondary objects attached to People

The 5.2 feature will be a nice addition. Currently if the person has been checked and there are adequate sources/citations I add the TAG “sources checked”. This also changes the colour to green for the list views. If I can’t find any I use “no sources found” and it changes the colour to red. I have a number of filters that use these tags.

Thank you to the contributors for these replies which I will now look into and use in my database.

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