Identifying individuals with multiple sets of parents

Version 5.1.3
Is there a way to search for individuals with multiple sets of parents?
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I believe you should be able to identify them by using the Verify the Data tool

Tools > Utilities > Verify the Data

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The column Configure… option for the Person Views includes a “Number of Parents” column.

However, sorting on this column shows only People with parent counts of 0, 1, & 2. [Only the PRIMARY family is included in this count.]

A feature request has been filed.
within 3 days of the request being posted, @SNoiraud posted a patch & targeted it for 5.2

Are you trying to identify an error condition where a child has been mistakenly included in several families? Or is it something else?

Note that a feature request was filed in February to add columns for Biological Partner1/father & Partner2/mother columns.

Although it is nice feedback to have that in the People View, I think it might be more ‘actionable’ to have addon filter <count> Rules for Families & Relationships. Hopefully, where you can specify the relationship.

For instance, a Rule that finds People with a <count> of “biological” Partner1/father greater than “1” finds an obvious error. (Although to correct the problem, you’d run a 2-stage filter. First to find the Persons, then find the fathers of such persons. Because merging is a pain when you have to remember which persons, out of thousands, to select.)

On the other hand, you might want to find the perfectly valid (although tragic) case of <count> of “foster” father greater than 5.

I just submitted a pull to add a filter Multiple Parents created by modifying the multiple marriage filter.

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Great, this will help everyone identify possible issues with Multiple Parents.


In my case, I have many people with multiple parents and there is no issue. It depends on how you manage your tree.

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