How to enter a name of a person that is more of a Nickname?

So I have a person with a name that was a well nown person in the Norwegian part of The Salvation Army. She got a real name or what you call it, but also got a nickname or what you call it, that was “The apostle of Lofoten” (just in Norwegian), how would I enter that?

Just add a new name, choose “Also known as” and put “The apostle of Lofoten” in First name? or last name or what?

You can create you own Type if you like to, or use the field “Nick” and nothing else and set a Custom Type of “Kallenavn”, Tilnavn" or what you think of as best suited.

Or you can use the AKA type…

I would also have set the date for when she went under that “name”, with start date the first time you found it (you can change it if you find new documents), Remember to add citations and sources for the name…

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If I put it in nick field and nothing else, then the field is blank in name list and I think that is weird.

I could ad it to nick on her main name but wouldnt that be weird, not sure.

If that is the case, create a new name, put it in the name field and create a custom type for the name.

You can also create your own Name Format for how names shall be displayed.

If you create an alternate name with nothing but their nickname information; you can put this information where the “normal” information would have gone.

You can then give just that name record a different display name other than the default. ie just Given or another display name as @StoltHD suggests using the Display (and or Sort) name override.

Ah, thank you.
So seems so many ways to do it?

  • Add it just in the Nick name in the persons already name thing, but then have to add it to two name entries and wont have its own citation/source thing so probalby worst of the options.

  • Have its own name entry with it in the nick field and other fields empty. (change the name display as thing)

  • Having its own name entry with that in the given field and other fields empty (change the name display as thing)

  • Probably something else

You can have multiple Citations for each data entry, so if you add it as a Nick with the “normal” name, you could add a Citation for any occurrences of both the name and the nickname.

Yes, it is a lot of possibilities in Gramps, the important thing is that you find a way to do things, and try to stick to that…

Sorry that I didn’t mention the Group as and Sort as, should have been in my first answer to clarify.

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The method you choose will probably depend on how visible you want the information.

You can only have one Preferred Name. Any other alternate name will only display in some reports which may dictate your method depending on which reports you use most often.

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