How to change the language to Norwegian

How do I change the language to Norwegian? I tried what the wiki says but I did not get it to work. Dont know if I got the language code wrong or something.

Using Windows 10 latest Gramps version 5.1.3

Hi Mihle,
Usually Gramps starts up in your operating system language, with one exception: this language must be available…
I’ve checked the availability of Norwegian translation ( and found land code ‘nn’, which is NyNorsk. Maybe your Windows 10 environment is using ‘no’ which is not available for Gramps.
So maybe you can try to install NyNorsk language pack for Windows 10.

Mihle, If you install Gramps 5.1.3 on a natively Norwegian machine the installer should handle this for you. If you have a Windows machine that is configured for another language, when you install Gramps, within the installer you need to add the Norwegian translation. (either nb and/or nn). And optionally, you might want to add the dictionaries.

Then, as simplified demonstration:
‑use your mouse to point at the Gramps Desktop shortcut (highlight)
‑entry Control C then Control V to create a copy of the Shortcut
‑point at the copy and right click, pick Properties at the bottom and click on it
‑on the General tab change the name to Gramps Norwegian
‑on the Shortcut tab
‑choose one of the following lines and copy it into the Target field (nb for Bokmal, nn Nynorsk)
%comspec% /c “set LANGUAGE=nb_NO.UTF-8 LANG=nb_NO.UTF-8 && start grampsw.exe”
%comspec% /c “set LANGUAGE=nn_NO.UTF-8 LANG=nn_NO.UTF-8 && start grampsw.exe”

‑click OK to save your changes (requires admin privileges)
‑start Gramps from the shortcut.

Of course, if you want to enter text in Norwegian, then Windows will need Norwegian installed to get the input method.

BTW: can you give the URL to the wiki item you referred to?

My windows is English because I want it to be as its easier to find how to do things and stuff via the internet without any negatives really.

But with Gramps there are other reasons why I want it to be in Norwegian.

In Norway we have two written languages, Nynorsk and Bokmål, I really ned Bokmål, aka the most popular one.

I might not have added the language in when installing it, how can I do that after the fact?

When I do what the wiki said that was the same you told me now, gramps start in English.

Reinstall window using the same installer and when you get to Choose Components -Selection window make sure you select the dictionaries and translations you want or just select all of them.


Just got it to work, other than the selection for Type is wrong, firstly there is multiple of the same thing:

When selectiong some of the copies and switch to the same single option in English
other times, like both “Parish” and “Municipality” get changed to “Prestegjeld” in Norwegian, but in fact, “Parish” is “Prestegjeld” and “Municipality” is “Kommune” (Kommune is not even an option now)
So its not really usabele.
Is there any way I can change it manually?
If Not I think I will be better off either just use English or try Swedish.

Also, a question more about English language, what place type would you place a University that has multiple buildings different places in a city as? Department? Building?

In English, I use Building for Schools/Universities. If you want a more precise name you can create a custom type by just entering the word University into the Type field.

In Norwegian, my guess is that the translator believes that 3 of the English type names translate to the same Norwegian word “By”.

I prefer to only use the Building level of the Place Hierarchy for VERY important buildings in my Genealogy. (For instance, I actually HAVE added the 3 hospitals in my home county where many of my relatives were born or died.)

The Geography view only plots Places that has the GPS coordinates entered. And it doesn’t fallback to the nearest enclosing Place with GPS data.

And if you HAVE added all those coordinates, when you zoom out, the markers are not consolidated. (Say that you have plotted the individual graves in a graveyard. Then that mass of markers obscures everything else in proximity. And you’re unlikely to find a map zoom tile high enough resolution where that data is useful.)

So where you think you’re adding helpful detail, you’re crippling other views.

You could just filter for a certain type e.g. villages, cities, parishes or use a custom filter that combines several types you are interested in to avoid that behaviour.

I also would recommend to avoid adding too many unused places like every individual grave on a graveyard. I’d add this data externaly like a map image of the graveyard included as a media object to the place and the grave number/plot added to the burial event of the persons, so you can look them up easily.

Just be aware that the Norwegian version still have a few wrongly translated words and terms…

I:E. the English Call Number. in Repository, are not “Telefonnummer” (Engl. "Phone Number) as translated, but in fact “Arkivreferanse” (an Archive Ref. Number).

there are also problems with the place types, they doesn’t work with our Norwegian administrative or place structure, not for administrative places, nor for clerical places.

But you can create your own, i.e. By, Tettsted, Plass, osv.
they just ain’t going to be translated to English.

I have not added cordinates to anything yet

Yeah, I wold not do it that detailed, I would link it to the graveyeard and be done to it, If I happened to have a location I might add graves in notes on an event, but I dont care about that. Its also likely that any grave that is older than great grandparent is not there anymore, that someone else there is instead. (We reuse them in this country). Exeption is if they is the same place as someone newer or a graveyard that is not “popular”.

Its bad translations. Even if other things dont fit perfectly with Norwegian administrative structure there might be something close enough for it to be OK ish.

If I knew how to edit a language pack or whatever its called, I might consider doing it, but I dont know how.

Still wonder what place type I should use for a put a municipality wide university (or even one that have buildings in two different ones).

What type of things would people with English as first language, use the type “Department” for? only goverment things like Department of Energy or other things too?

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