How do you manage your Family Reunions?

As the pandemic nears becoming ‘history’, I realized that our families missed annual reunions because of 2020’s mandatory “social distancing” and they are wavering on 2021 events. Moreover, since beginning my research, I’d become increasingly aware that heretofore unfamiliar lines ran such gatherings… but they have never become considerations in my planning.

Have you found a way to make Reunions into opportunities about which Gramps can nag you? Are there good methods to store them as future events & then convert them to sources of raw research materials?

I tried to come up with a good method. And here are my thoughts:

Create & share a ‘Reunion’ type event to each of the Family members on the planning committee with the Role of “Planner”. Those family members should already have contact info in their Addresses & Internet tabs. I have a ToDo note in my own profile with the Event linked. The Event has the Place & Date range and a planning Note with info about where to find attendee registration info.

After the Event, a future Reunion event is created and the just-past Reunion note is revised converting the registration note to contain info about information exchanged by attendees. (As is my ToDo note.) Then the old Event is shared to others family members with Attendee Roles.

I am experimenting with shared Membership Events for some of these Lineage Societies. (Like I had done for Lodges of Fraternal Organizations for ancestors.) And with Associations. Neither approach has been completely satisfactory.


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If we had sub-events, with them you could have one event about future reunion announcement/invitation with current date linked to every guests and a sub-event, the reunion itself, dated with planned date linked to nobody.

Without you could have a standalone future reunion event linked to nobody, and as before the announcement event linked to everybody, announcer and guests. A note shared by each two events would link them together: “2021 family reunion event planned by 2020 announcement event” with links to that two events in that note itself.

In both cases the reunion event will be shared with registered participants only when the reunion is over.

In an attribute in announcement event references you could say for each guest if he/she have answered positively or not to the invitation.

About 2019 invitation/2020 reunion events, the 2020 canceled reunion event should still be there as a standalone event with no participants, just another added cancellation note to explain its pending state, because of covid .

As the future Reunion event is recorded you should see it in calendar gramplet each year at its anniversary

I’ve seen in Narrated web site you can export a webcal, so you could make this event active using reminders in your calendar app


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