How do I remove attributes globally?

I would like to remove all attributes from every profile I have in Gramps. Is it possible? How?


IF you want to get rid of Attributes the Set Attribute Tool delete function will do it. The tool only works on Person attributes.

Set the Type in the tool and leave the Value blank to delete without regard to the vale entry.

Menu Tools >> Family Tree Processing >> Set Attribute.

This is a third party addon. It does not come with the Gramps install. It can be installed using the Third party addons management on the General tab in Preferences. Menu Edit >> Preferences.

If you have already run this tool, Check for updated addons now, and did not install the gramplet, then you will need to uncheck the Do not ask about previously notified addons box.

That worked, finally I got rid of that shit, I did adding of gedcom-files and imported some things that just filled up with a lot of junk attributes I didn’t want

So thank you very much DaveSch

I don’t know how to use attributes, what are they for?

Is there a similar way to get rid of all alternative names? (Maybe that’s to OT?)

Custom Attributes are for storing structured data that wasn’t part of the Gramps designed & built-in data structure.

Gramps won’t have Reports that summarize custom attributes. (Except for some very general reports that indicate “This record has an Attribute of Type”.) But once the data is in a database system (like Gramps), you can write tools & Reports in Gramps to use that Attribute. Or you can export sets of the attribute data into other tools, then perform the analysis externally.

There are Rules for Custom Filters that let you filter on Attributes and their values.

Say for instance, that you wanted to store the eye color (or other phenotypes), race or Health data (International Classification of Diseases - American ICD-10-CM {diagnosis} and ICD-10-PCS {procedure} medical billing codes). Then map those against genotypes associated with particular DNA SNPs. You can store the data as an attribute and will be more structured than a free-form text note. Data harmonization become easier (not easy, but easier) when the data has fewer valid formats.

Or you might want to add an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) attribute to your books and ISSN for periodicals. Perhaps a Library of Congress identifier.

Or you might want to set up a quality monitoring system for managing your digital media procurement. That grades the quality of your archive material - flagging the non-existent, illegible or low quality scans that need to be procured again.

Or you could add a priority attribute to help focus your research (Like a Eisenhower method decision matrix)

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No. But give it time and someone will write an app for that.

As to Attributes, I think of them as recording in a semi standard format tidbits of information. A person’s Social Security Number (marked private) or think of information found on a census form. Much of that can be entered as an Attribute on the event.

There are the preset installed Attribute types. But if you need another Type, just type it into the field, Gramps will remember it for that database. And this is true for all Types. Just remember that any custom entry will not translate it that is one of your needs.

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Just had the same issue importing my gedcom from PAF and converting over to GRAMPS. I used this advice and the Set Attribute Tool to rid myself of the Personal attributes, (in my case a bunch of _UID Keys). But I also had the same attributes assigned to all my families. The work around for me was to export my file to an SQLight file and edit the attributes table using DB Browser for SQLight. I then re imported the Database. My only caution is be careful to set absolute paths for media objects or put the files in the same location as your export file or the new database won’t find you media.

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