Help! Found an error/bug in Gramps pt-pt

GRAMPS V 5.1.2 pt-pt language
In the complete individual reports, theres a problem in the relationships between cousins and uncles…
Exemple: Instead of saying it’s a cousin, it actually says it’s an uncle of 2nd degree

Can someone help me with this?

Since you speak seem to English, if you make the report in English (Use Report Options 2), does the relationship seem correct? This makes sure it is a translation issue, not something else. If you can add the English text of a wrong relationship, as well as the pt version as a supplement to this posting, it would help us find the problem more quickly.

No the relationship is wrong, in english it says " first cousin once removed (up) " and in portuguese the translation is 2nd degree uncle.
It was supposed to be cousin in both

The type of report im trying to do is complete individual report with the following options filter " descendents of (individual)" and, in include (2) include relationship to the center person box ticked

The module code is in Since I don’t speak Portuguese, I am unable to even understand it, much less figure out what it is supposed to do. If anyone understand the language and also some programming, maybe we can get this fixed.

Does the same thing happen to you in english, for example it say’s " first cousin once removed (up) "
Or does it say anything else?

Any news? … bump

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