Has anyone setup gramps in Unraid?

If anyone has setup then can they please provide me a screenshot of the settings page?, Im not able to setup gramps web in Unraid

What exactly do you mean? Settings in Unraid? Settings in Gramps Web?

Are you talking about installing GrampsWeb on a NAS running Unraid OS?

I dont think it can be anything else. For reference, I do have Unraid NAS and I want to set up Gramps Web, but I dont know how far OP has come so i dont know if I have come further than OP or not.

I expected nothing else.

But to make this thread useful in the future, It seemed best to make sure everyone is working the same basic assumptions. And to give people unfamiliar with the Unraid as a brand, a link to references materials.

Hopefully this thread will result in enough information to illustrate the process of exploring a NAS OS. How to collect all the necessary references needed to set up a GrampsWeb installation.

For reference, I have got in running just fine with local access, just that it Unraid GUI its a little uglier than other stuff I have as its itself 3 dockers in the list but minior detail, maybe its supposed to that way.

What I am personally stuck at is that I want to configure it with SWAG/nginx docker that I already have for other things for reverse proxy. With other more popular dockers I use it for there is already a config file in it I just have to change domain/IP in and its up but thats not the case in this case :stuck_out_tongue: So I have to do some more research I think.