Grouping Household In Places With Unknown Addresses

  • GRAMPS 5.1.3
  • Windows 7/10

Hi all,

I am currently redoing some info I have gotten from the 1940 US Census. And I am wondering how some other users handle assigning residence events when you don’t have a specific address.

For example, I have my grandfather, grandmother, anuts/uncles, and my dad listed as a single household on the census. I have the street they lived on, but not the complete address. So, do you folks do something like:

House of Harold and Lavenia Gilmore, Main Street, Darbyville, Pickaway County…

or do you just leave the residence event at Main street until you can find further evidence to put them in a specific address? If you use the “house of…” example, do you then go back and switch it to a proper address if you ever figure that out?

Dave Gilmore

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You put the address to what you have in the record. If it is only the Street name then it is Main Street, Anytown…,. Do not assume that the number is the same if the 1930 Census says 123 Main Street. I have relatives that moved around on the same street. Maybe if you find another record like a WWII draft record that has the same address as the 1930 census you could change the 1940 census to match, but this is not a good habit to get into. If you do make the change, it would be a good idea to add additional documentation even if it only a note that says “Aunt Zelda says they lived in the same house between…”

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