Gramps database version compatibility

The Version 5.1.3 GrampsPortable (PortableApps for 32bit Windows; OS version 7 or newer ) has the following initial warning about being unable to read data from 3.x version:


This sort of message scares new users expecting stability & data portability. (And the overlong paragraph of text makes the solution seem more complex than it is.)

Is the warning accurate? And, if so, can anything be done to make data migration less intrusive?

(I have lost data via the XML export/re-import process — even when opting to include all data, including private & living person data. At its broadest, using Export instead of backup prunes objects not connected to Persons. It seems like the recommendation should be Backup to XML, not export.)

The backup is just a full XML export without any filters applied.

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Hate being so obtuse but…

shouldn’t the Export options for Gramps XML (family tree) & Gramps XML Package (family tree and media) also have some sort of explicit selection for “full export without any filters applied” ?

My reasoning is that warnings outside our control (like this on from PortableApps, and those by users in the support maillist) generally talk about Export rather than Backup as a porting step. Even the wiki does so. Getting everyone to conform to “backup” instead of “export” seems unlikely.

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