Get a pull from another gramps repository

I created a local repository for Gramps 5.1.4 using Gitkraken and was wondering how to get a pull from another Gramps fork. I’m trying to use SNoiraud’s pull request #1302 to my local repository. I’m new to this and the online help I’ve searched hasn’t helped.

I use Github Desktop. Famous last words, it should work the same way as Gitraken.

What is on your desktop is a mirror of the repositories on your web based Git account.

So in Gitraken set your Repository to Gramps and change the Branch to PR/1302. When selecting the Branch, it shows any of your Branches but it should allow you to add a Pull Request as one of your local branches. Once added, the branch should download with all the changes.

Desktop allows the Branch to be opened in a file editor or the OS file manager.

Looking at the Pull @SNoiraud has been busy and I will have to test the tab column spacings which he has added.

I think the “cherry-pick” git command should help.

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