GEPS lost history of Python 3 implementation

Python 3 related GEPS 031 and 032 both reference bug report/feature request 2620 for Jan 2009. It no longer exists.

I also cannot find a Wayback Machine page for that report.

Started going through the Developer Maillist archive. One message says that the 2620 bug archives the patch list.

Is it lost?

Sadly I believe yes!

The loss of 4,495 issues where lost in a past MantisBT upgrade; many years before I became webmaster, the loss is noted on the triage page of the Gramps wiki!

The next issue 2621 still exist in the bugtracker and that was created in 2009!

If it does exist in the Wayback Machine it would be found under the old URL “

Here is a link to Wayback Machine’s overview page for the old link:

Ouch. Well, I guess I’ll annotate the 2 GEPS references to 2620 with the information that it was for Gramps 3.2 in 2009 for compatibility to Python 3.0, the report was lost & point at a representative message on the Maillist archive.

Figure on doing that tomorrow. [Done]

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