Gallery - How to NOT make a thumbnail for a person?

In the gallery for a person, by default, the first image is used to create a thumbnail for the person. For this one person in my database, I don’t have a picture of the person, but I do have a picture of a cafe he once owned. Is there a way to include that photo in the gallery without that photo being used as the thumbnail photo?

Short answer is No.

Instead of putting the picture of the owned business in the Person Gallery (making it the default person image) put the picture in an an Event gallery where the event holds information about the ownership of the business.

Note: Not all reports will display images attached to events. Something to test in your preferred report options.

You could create a second media record of the business image and put it as the first image in the gallery but set both locks private in the main record entry and in the upper media reference for the person. Making it private will prevent it from displaying in reports etc but would still remain visible within Gramps itself. But test it, if a report sees the first image as Private, skipping it, will the second image take its place? Unknown. I have not tested it and I am just thinking of ideas.

Thanks, Dave! That’s what I figured.

I had put the photo in an event gallery. However, it’s not an obvious place to look for images, and I had actually forgotten that I had put the picture there.

(This now means that I’ll have to revisit some plugins I’ve written and add some additional support for event galleries.)