Fuzzy icon in Upgrade to Schema version 20 notice

The icon (a question mark knockout in a black diamond) is VERY fuzzy (at least it does in Windows.) Is it the Unicode Character “�” (U+FFFD) at a fontsize that isn’t supported? Or is it an image that is scaled up poorly?

The 2nd sentence also gives an overly scary warning:

If you upgrade then you won’t be able to use the previous version of Gramps, even if you subsequently backup or export your upgraded Family Tree.

You can still use the previous version of Gramps – just not with the upgraded tree. So the message could intimidate users with multiple trees that need to be converted.

what is the difference between Schema 18 (for v4.2.0 through v5.1.6) and Schema 20 (for v5.2.0)?

For inclusion in the announcement and the wiki.


table updated for schema 20. Data model diagram page noted as being for 4.1)

Version 20 adds source citation lists to event reference objects.

Version 19 is used as part of the migration process between BSDDB and SQLite. It doesn’t actually make any changes to the schema.

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5.2 rc1 Bug report submitted:

0013178 Upgrade to Schema version 20 notice icon quality and misleading text

The actual icon displayed will depend on the theme.

That seems problematic if the Theme is using an icon that is not common to our 3 OSes.

Is there another kind of dialog that can be used that would have good theme support in all three OSes? Is this a “warning” dialog?

(The buttons are rather crude too.)

Or, since the operative word in CSS is “cascading” can we layer a sheet on top with resolution-independent icon?

That might be a 5.3 idea.

Our dialogs use the standard icons: “dialog-question”, “dialog-error”, “dialog-warning” and “dialog-information”. They are common to an icon theme, not an OS.

Try changing an icon theme whilst the dialog is open. The icon changes as expected.

It looks like Windows is displaying the Adwaita icon with a bad scaling.

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This happens in other situations aswell.

Event reference editor:

I do have Theme plugin installed, but using the standard dark theme in it.

Same plugin, same default dark theme in Gramps 5.1.5 looks fine:

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Seem to be fixed in 5.2.1, at least in this case:


Anybody have suggestions for making this dialog a little less… terrifying? And not have links to 2 different pages about the backup process and yet another (broken anchor) link on how to export.
Just fixed broken anchor with a SPAN ID in the wiki.