Forms: Data Entry and Reporting

Just read the closed re-opened topic on Corruption when opening forms… and in Nick Hall’s last responses to Ennoborg he indicated that forms were only a transcription tool and that there was a census report (which I can’t find). I can’t help but think that such a limited view is missing a trick. Surely, the forms concept enables individuals to be placed in context for an event (easing data entry, for sure), but an ability to extract them in that tabular context for inclusion in a report would be invaluable. Currently, if a census event is reported for an individual, it is necessary to go back into the s/w to pull the census up on screen to see who else shared the event. Then run n individual reports, followed by a lot of cutting and pasting. Very tedious and prone to error. I don’t use associations or sharing of events other than forms, but I guess the same limitations apply.

GRAMPS 5.1.5

The Census Gramplet and Census Report were in the version 4.0 plugins. The Census Addons article says that they are not longer supported since they were superseded by the Forms Gramplet addon.

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