Formal event center Portrait Fan Chart

I just had a grandnephew born yesterday. And I was thinking that a nice memory document would be their parents-with-newborn photo framed in a fan chart as the framed photo’s matte.

Pretty easy to do manually with printing a PDF to heavy cardstock where I knock out the center of the half moon and insert the photo there. But the photo had the 'rents on the opposite sides of where the fan charts normally plots them.

I could workaround this by swapping the Relationships’ spouses in the husband & wife spots temporarily.

It would be great if Gramps generated such a chart without any extra fussy work. Maybe even have a digitally composited version … including positioning the media & trimming/masking the photo for the digital knock out.

FamilySearch has a more aesthetically pleasing Fan Chart. So I grabbed one of those as a sample and redacted the living:

I just had to have this printed to a cream-colored matte sized for my frame. Then bevel cut the knockout, print the photo… and Bob’s your uncle. (Well, actually he’s another granduncle.) There could be a bit more fussy work… like making the center 2 rows of crescents a bit narrower to open up the knockout a bit more for a bigger center photo.

Gramps has a feature that lets the faces be identified with tags. Could that be leveraged to customize a fan chart on the fly? So, if I have a Birth Event photo, I will have tagged the child, mother & father. If the father tag is left of the mother, the Fan chart will be patrilineal on left.

Similarly, the formal Wedding photo would be a which normally has the bridal couple braced by their respective parents. So the tags might be groom’s family left or right. And the parents are likely to be father’s on the outsides, mother’s next to the couple.

A variation on this would be a framed birth/wedding photo & birth/marriage certificate with fan chart. In such a case, the balance might be nicer with the fan radiate towards the bottom rather than the top.

Examples: baptism of son JFK Jr. and wedding for US president John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. Fan starts at parents of the couple: