Filter Rule: Events of families matching a <family filter>

You can create a Person filter to find all the direct ancestors of a person. And there is a General filters rule for Events to find the “Events of persons matching the <person filter>”

But, while there is a Family filter rule to find all the families that are ancestor families of a Family, you cannot create an Events filter to find events associated with those families.

That means there’s no simple way to filter for ancestor family (marriage, divorce, etc.) events.

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Hi Brian,

I just created an event filter that references a custom person filter (“My direct ancestors”), and in the event filter I checked the box “Include family events: Also family events where person is a spouse”.

It returned my ancestors’ marriage events, which I had created as family events (not tied to the individual persons). It also returned their person events, but I could narrow the scope of the filter to include only family-type events.

Is that what you’re looking for?

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Well, I suppose I could have a 2 rule filter. The first with the checkbox you suggest, then a duplicate of it without the checkbox and choose the ‘Exactly one rule must apply’ option to strip out the non-Family events.

I just tried that & it works… slow but works.


@emyoulation Pull request for new filter rule “Events of families matching a <family filter>”.


That’s wonderful! Thank you!