Feature preview hack: Custom Map provider tiles

I can’t say it’s “vital” to me (since I didn’t even know about it until reading your post), but now I’ve invested a number of hours trying to get it to work. Can you (or anyone else who is already using it) please share what you used in your configuration?

I have some tiles (256x256 pixel png) that I created using MapTiler desktop (a 1916 map of Ops Township, Victoria County, Ontario). I also have MapTiler server running locally. It gives me a sample format “http://localhost:3650/Ops%201916/{z}/{x}/{y}”, which works in my browser when I plug in appropriate values for {z}, {x}, and {y}.

So, based on the examples given in the configuration screes (such as “http://tile.stamen.com/toner/#Z/#X/#Y.png”), I tried entering “http://localhost:3650/Ops%201916/#Z/#X/#Y.png” but that didn’t work; Gramps hangs when I switch to the personal map (I was already zoomed in to an area that is covered by the map). I also tried just pointing to the local tile folders (using “file:///…”, which also works in my browser) but that didn’t work either.

Sorry to be dense, but I could use a clue or two!

I’m also wondering if anyone has successfully used any other online sources and can share examples (besides the ones given in the configuration screen).

Does {y} contains .png ? If no, why do you add it in gramps ?
In this case, the gramps url shouldn’t contains “.png” after #Y.

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Thank you for the suggestion, but it did not work. I’m sure I must be doing something wrong, but I don’t see any error messages, so I just have to keep guessing. Should I post more questions in the issue (11416) instead of here?

This feature request is closed. You can open a new bug request.
Normally, this feature is only in master (5.2) and not in 5.1.4.

I am curious to test what you have done as I have never tested that.

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You can trade such info via the Discourse private messaging system too… if you want to keep them private.

Also, you might want to note a Place (& GPS coordinates) that falls on your custom map tiles. The locations can be reverse calculated from the tiles, of course. But let’s save that effort.

Your tile path should be:

I installed your zip on my root web site and I use:
https : //noiraud.allowed.org/MapTiler/#Z/#X/#Y.png

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Here is a zip file containing my sample tiles, and some html that MapTiler created for viewing them with various map services. You don’t need MapTiler installed in order to use these files.

Please let me know when you have downloaded the file, so that I may delete it. Thanks.