Adding a map to the Geography View

(Gramps version : AIO64-5.1.1-1, Operating System: Win10)


I’ve found that geographic map web site and would know if it is possible to add it to the Gramps Geography view?

URL looks like that when zooming into the map:

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Impossible to do. See the feature request: #4782

The map format is incompatible with the osm-gps-map library. I asked to the géoportail (IGN). I never received a correct answer.

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I downloaded the whole map from cassini and its size is around 8.5gb.
If someone can transform this hierarchy from an image size of 512x512 to a size of 256x256, we might have a cassini map available in gramps.
A script to do that should be very interesting.
Don’t forget the format must be #Z/#Y/#X

I’m not sure this what you want to do but XnView, freeware for any OS flavour, have a batch function. Select pictures you want to change, i.e to resize them, define wanted ratio, here 50%, define an output directory if you want and let’s go.

XnView is not available on linux.

I have 182000 images to convert :wink:

The real problem is to divide an image in 4 parts and to rename them.

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I try this batch on one 500x500 px square picture:

  • export 1/4 left top to filename_1
  • 1/4 right top to filename_2
  • etc

test 4 x4

Automaticaly cutted parts:
test 4 x4_1
test 4 x4_2
test 4 x4_3
test 4 x4_4

If you put them side by side:
![test 4 x4_1|250x250](upload://v3fLfZrWJZXShPkr0D9l8SCtn4c.jpeg)![test 4 x4_2|250x250](upload://kGYQEX9Kkhj9uCcINr9DcJIbrA0.jpeg)![test 4 x4_3|250x250](upload://5FxASFiMMzCEXd6XROsoTtavWbA.jpeg)![test 4 x4_4|250x250](upload://qsZ4mPntqOnwxJXk1brw4UC1ZhR.jpeg)

test 4 x4_1test 4 x4_2test 4 x4_3test 4 x4_4

On XnView website you can find debian distributions:

If you want I can try to cut some of your pictures, give me a ftp url to download them

This is a GUI application. Does this application exist in a “batch” way? 182,000 images are impossible to divide with this tool. It would take too long.
After that, the problem will be to manage the hierarchical place of these images in #Z/#Y/#X
I think it will be a very difficult and long task.

XnView* are not free applications because the sources are not available.

I think it will be easier with a real free tool called ImageMagick. It’s available in batch mode.

We can do that with : convert -crop 256x256 img.jpg img_%d.jpg

Yes, that works. Need to make a script to create all images.
I think it will be a very long process. The problem is not to divide the images, but to recreate the image tree.

I don’t know why you need to crop images but I find this, IIIF and a python library to use this normalization. It is used by Ligeo [fr], a french company which works for some french archives centers to crop registers images in little parts to display them more fastly. Does this could help you?

I don’t want to crop the images but to divide them.
gramps uses a library which uses the formats provided by openstreetmap or googlemap, ie:
#Z is the zoom.
#X, # Y is the position of the tile on the map. each tile is size 256x256
The rumsey site uses an alternate access method and its tiles are 512x512. So I have to divide a 512x512 tile into 4 256x256 tiles.

Their library don’t help me.

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