Family Connectivity - Analysis tools?

The data that I have entered in GRAMPS has some individuals who are connected/related to only a few others in my study and some individuals who seem to be related/connected to nearly everyone else. I have diagrammed a couple of individuals to illustrate that difference.

I would like to “crawl” through my data and determine the number of connections (as I would define them, i.e., marriage, in-laws, home town, etc). Are there any add-on tools that might do this work?


Gramps v5.1.3 and Windows10 OS

There have been a number of discussions on this forum about external tools to graphically represent node networks from exported GEDCOMs. (As well as discussions about the need for an export in a more capable format for such tools.)

That’s good for spotting gross trends and edge cases.

Take a look at this general discussion of open source software for network analysis.

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