Failed to load the required module svgwrite version 1.4

gramps 5.1.3 Ubuntu 20.04

Hi, I get this error on startup. Downloading the module does not work. Anybody know how to fix this?


There are prerequisite modules that cannot be bundled with the Life Line add-on.

What happens when you click the “Download module” button?

Downloading the module does not work. At least not via the indicated button. If there is another way that I can try, please let me know how…

The linked support page for svgwrite · PyPI shows the following command line assuming you have pip installed:

pip install svgwrite

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The Download Module fails after pulling down all Add-ons for a fresh install of Gramps 5.1.4 for Windows 64 too.

But it reports a different version.

Your screenshot shows that it is for the other prerequisite called life_line_chart

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I tested this on my Windows machine and it works as intended.
On the Ubuntu machine, there may be some other issue that is making this a problem. Please start Gramps from the command line and try this again. You may have to uninstall the addon and reinstall to get the failed messages again. There may be an error message on the terminal that gives us a clue what the failure is.

I used the Life Lines so infrequently that it seemed more reasonable to free the resources by uninstalling the plug-ins.

The dependency resolution GUI had just failed to “download module” for the missing bits. And the missing modules tossed up a modal complaint dialog every time Gramps started.

The view’s visualizations did not impart enough extra clarity for me. In fact, the maelstrom of color jangled my nerves.

So I think I’ll leave it off until there are some improvements in the Missing Dependency management. Or maybe when there’s a VR interface for Gramps…

On my ubuntu, I have the module python3-svgwrite
You need to do: sudo apt-get install python3-svgwrite

This should not be necessary. On Linux machines the ‘Download’ button uses the “curl” command to download the required file directly from using https. So as long as the curl program is available and networking is up, it should work.

Looking at the code, it is possible if another version of one of the files (Looks like svgwrite from the error message) is already installed somewhere on the machine, this might fail. I’m not sure about this as I have no clear way to test it…

We should use the distribution module on linux.

After clicking the download button, it doesn’t work. After restarting Gramps, gramps asks us to install the plugin again.

The problem I have is:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/serge/.gramps/gramps51/plugins/LifeLineChartView/”, line 69, in
from life_line_chart import AncestorChart, DescendantChart
File “/home/serge/.gramps/gramps51/plugins/LifeLineChartView/life_line_chart-1.7.5/life_line_chart/”, line 7, in
from .BaseSVGChart import BaseSVGChart
File “/home/serge/.gramps/gramps51/plugins/LifeLineChartView/life_line_chart-1.7.5/life_line_chart/”, line 11, in
from .BaseChart import BaseChart
File “/home/serge/.gramps/gramps51/plugins/LifeLineChartView/life_line_chart-1.7.5/life_line_chart/”, line 6, in
from .GraphicalFamily import GraphicalFamily
File “/home/serge/.gramps/gramps51/plugins/LifeLineChartView/life_line_chart-1.7.5/life_line_chart/”, line 1, in
from .Exceptions import LifeLineChartUnknownPlacementError, LifeLineChartUnknownSelectionAndConnectionError
ImportError: cannot import name ‘LifeLineChartUnknownPlacementError’

For the module to be loaded, I’ll had to remove all versions of lifelinechart in $HOME/.local/lib/python< version >/site-packages/

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