Events sequence according to the habits of the genealogist

The events are proposed as they are programmed: birth → death → burial. Rather than a hard coding of this sequence there could be a statistical coding: as one enters sequences of events, an increment is made somewhere in order little by little to propose the order that follows the genealogist habits. Personally it is often birth → residence → profession → death → burial. If Gramps remembered little by little that I am following this sequence, it would no longer constantly offer me a death event after I entered the birth, but what I am trying to do according to my habits.

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Gramps has already remembered, in totality! Each object’s handle includes the timestamp of the object’s creation. You could query this information, using the SQLite export and these notes and discover your habits.

But then what? I don’t know the location of the Gramps code that defaults the type of a new event. Curiously, the order (based on a brief experiment) seems to be Birth, Death, Burial, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth …

Maybe you could change the order, or just turn off the defaulting.

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