End-of-life Python 3.5 version on Gramps 5.2 roadmap

The Gramps 5.2 roadmap has Python 3.5 as the target. That version was retired September 5, 2020.

The schedule shows Python 3.6 will reach end-of-life this year… in December 2021.

Should Python 3.7 be designated as the new target on the 5.2 Roadmap? It will remain in active development until June 2023?

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We need to be careful not to push this too fast. We need to examine the long term support of the various likely Linux builds to see when the last of these stops including Python 3.6, and maybe add another year or so.

We do need to check that the newest Pythons don’t break things, but are there any new features that Gramps really needs? I’ve been bitten by this issue several times in coding for some of our libraries, mostly Gtk, where newer features sound good, but shouldn’t be used until the older Gtk stops being actively used.


Is updating to a newer Python version one of the Prerequisites to being able to implement the GtkFileChooserNative that was first available in Gtk 3.20 version or newer?

The Gtk version is not directly connected to the Python version. The GObject introspection and Glibs may have some dependencies on Python, as they tend to get built with the latest version available and I don’t know if they are extensively tested with older versions of Python. This is why the various linux releases tend to stay on a particular major library version throughout their life. The release processes and testing tends to ensure that the various components will work together.

By the way users, especially on Linux, tend to install and use Gramps, we get quite a bit of testing against newer versions of the libraries. But even then we sometimes get bugs when a newer version of something causes problems.

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