Dutch po file not applied?

why is dutch not taken while the string seems to be translated in the po file?

This can happen when you install Gramps while running in English. And it happens, because the title of this Gramplet is saved in an ini file, because this one can be customized. And this one is not translated when you switch to Dutch.

Translations in PO files are only applied to texts that are built in the software, so they are applied when that INI file is made, not when it is read.

That only affects Dashboard gramplets, correct?

Users cannot edit the title of Gramplets in the other category Sidebar and Bottombars. So, the label revisions are not stored in their .ini files. Does the “Top Surnames” translation flow to them as expected when switching between languages?

Correct, for your first question. I don’t quite understand the other one.

The title is stored in Gramplets_dashboardview_gramplets.ini, and that is a bit weird, because here, it is stored in a section named [Top Achternamen] and I’m not used to localized section names. And in fact, in that section, there is a line saying

title=Top achternamen

and that’s how it should be.

Assume Gramps is started in English, and that the “Top Surnames” gramplet is active in the Dashboard and then is added to the People sidebar too.

Quit Gramps and change to the Dutch GUI. After restarting Gramps, the Dashboard will probably still have “Top Surnames”. But is the the People sidebar gramplet titled correctly in Dutch now?

I bet it is, because its title is part of the code. A title read from a config file is data.

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