Does re-ordering of view columns via Configure also re-order the width

Could people test the following for Ubuntu, Windows and macOS?

I just tried re-ordering the Columns in the Notes category and the Column widths stayed the same even though the data in the columns moved. Saving column widths in the INI data for changed for 5.2 version. Was width re-ordering overlooked?

So initially, my 1st columns had been customized in a previous session to very wide for Preview, then a narrow ID and Type in 2 & 3. But when I moved ID & Type to columns 1 and 2, Column 1 (with ID) was still very wide while columns 2 (Type) & 3 (Preview) were still narrow.

Tested with Gramps 5.2.1 for Fedora 37 Linux.

Yeah, I got the same bug 2 weeks ago. But not only for notes as I remember - it repro everywhere. As I understand, Gramps is saving columns widhts not by their name, but by columns numbers in the tables. It would be great to change this behaviour if possible.

Another thing on ubuntu. Each time I try set columns widths of surnames section and each time the columns chance my settings. As a result I have something like this:

The first column is too small, The third is too large, and sometimes I dont see Origin column, which is important fom me. I must make bigger width of the person card, but it is not always convenient.

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Saving width by Column number is probably OK … as long as the Configure commits the width change simultaneously with the Reordering. Certainly not as explicit … but far less complex to implement and maintain.

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