Does anyone have a list of the Raw Export addon event type codes?

[Gramps AIO64 5.1.5 Windows 11]

So far I have worked out that 12 is for births and 13 for deaths, but what about the rest of the event types? does anyone have a list?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


p.s. Here’s an example: ↓ (the (13, ''))

event: a5af0ecf8f87b8b0ad1 ('a5af0ecf8f87b8b0ad1', 'E2144', (13, ''), (0, 0, 0, (9, 10, 1606, False), '', 2307921, 0), 'Death of Wise, Thomas', 'BK6KQCFLOGILTNJ7VC', [], [], [], [], 1284030608, [], False)

You can find a list in the EventType object.

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Perfect! I’m not very good at finding source code so this is really useful! thank you

How should the wiki be expanded for future explorers of the Addon:ExportRaw?

Although the wiki document gives an example of the raw output, it does not run through manually parsing the example. (Are there examples of this raw export text being used?) Nor where to find lookup references.

Since this is an expert (in Gramps, databases and Python) level add-on, should there be a ‘see also’ section to help the uninitiated who are trying to gain those expertises?

Perhaps pointing to the source on GitHub and reference materials for the add-on.

The other lists are in similarly “” named files found in the GitHub directory:

Does this raw output directly relate to the Gramps data model diagram?


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