Django and "Dictionary (in-memory)" database backend options

Was just looking through Dough Blank’s YouTube channel.

As part of the GEPS 032 project, he posted the GEP-032: Gramps Database Backend API video.

His video includes a Django and “Dictionary (in-memory)” database backend options.

I do not see these in our current backend options. Have they slipped off the table?

Our current web solutions don’t use a Django backend.

The idea behind the dictionary backend was that it was stored entirely in memory. A file could be imported when the database was opened and saved when the database was closed.

Similar functionality could be provided using an in-memory SQLite database. We use non-persistent n-memory databases in our unit tests.

I was just thinking that if a Django backend already existed, then including the backend as an add-on would be logical… even if nothing currently used it. That way, if someone had a tool already leveraging Django, they could be that much closer when experimenting with interfacing to Gramps data.

Similar to if a Neo4j backend was available (and I don’t know whether that is possible), we might see the Isotammi group have increased reason to experiment with Gramps interfacing to their in-house genealogy application.

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