Display an alternative name or attribute in relationship graph?

I’m looking for a way to display an alternative name as part of a Relationship graph. Many of my extended family members Americanized their names when they came to the United States. I’ve been using birth names in the report, but many of my cousins have requested that I use the American names, as those are the names they knew for their parents and grandparents. I could record the preferred name as something like " Rifka (Rebecca) Sinienski (Schiller)" with the American versions of both the given name and the surname in parentheses, but this seems awkward.

Fedora 37, Gramps 5.1.5


You can use the Call field for the Rebecca entry. Even though it will be displayed Red because it is not a part of the Given name field, Gramps will still accept it. You as the Gramps user will be the only one to see the field in red.

For the surname alternate, there is a Family Nick Name field in the Name Editor.. The family nick name is handled along with the Surname which is different than the Nick Name field of the person.

Then in the Display Name Editor in Preferences you can create how to display the name.

In your example it would be:

Given (Call) Surname (Familynick)

or an alternative

Given Surname (Call Familynick)

If the Call or Familynick fields are empty, the parentheses "( )" will not display.

You can use other Display Name options for other purposes.

Back to original question…

No. Not without rewriting the report code.

Thanks, Dave.

It seems to work the way I want it to if I give the call name as the full name preceded by a newline character. For example,

\nRebecca Schiller as my grandmother’s call name

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