Different spellings of names with date


I would like to record different spellings of names with the date they were mentioned.
for example for surnames like this:
Müller: 1910
Mueler: 1922
Muller: 1930

and for first names like this:

Johann: 1912
Johannes: 1925
Hans: 1930

is there any possibility other than in the notes?
I know I can enter alternate names. However, the date of the entry does not appear there.
I work with GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 on WIN 10


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You can give each person more than one Name record. In the person’s edit window, there is a Names tab where you can add the names and set which name is the Preferred Name. In the Name Editor, there will be additional entry options including Date, Notes, and Citations for the name. Each name entry can also have its own Type. To switch which name is in the Preferred name slot use drag-n-drop.

One option you may wish to explore is the Group As Override option for the Surname. For your three surnames you can set how and where the different surnames are grouped in sorted Group lists.

I would override your example as Muller (Müller, Mueler). Set each of the three surname entries with the same override then in the Grouped Name list all three will be grouped together. This override does not alter the actual record. Now the grandparents Müller will be grouped together with the grandchildren Muller.

I have filed a feature request to add the date to the alternate names list.


What I posted above is best way to document your relative. But as you noticed, alternate names do not display in many of the reports. I mostly use the Narrated Web when sending information to cousins and all of the above will display.

You may want to explore the report you most often use to see which alternate way of recording the information will show in reports. The person Note may display best in most text reports.

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Thank you for the fast answer.
I’ll test the one with the grouped names and thank you for the feature request.
If GRAMPS supports gedcom 7.x (will it?) Are there more options with different names?

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