Date Type to include 'From'

While trying to list Events and their associated Places, the Place would not show the whole heirarchy unless there were appropriate Dates, or no Dates at all. That makes sense; show Events at a Place only for when that Place existed.

But, for instance, in my Places, I’m dividing and arranging from Continent down to City (and possibly more granular). But, say, Colorado became a state on 01 AUG 1876, but if I use just that date, hierarchy won’t show in views or reports (i.e. Denver, Denver County, Colorado, United States of America, North America). I learned that I can use a Date Type of After to make this work.

My issue with this, though, is that After is exclusive and I have to change that date to ‘after 31 JUL 1876’ which can be a little confusing.

I suggest creating an inclusive open-ended Date Type called From, which would allow for the specified date without having to do any math. In this case, it would show Colorado as being a state from 01 AUG 1876.

MacOS 10.15.7 (Catalina)
Windows 10
(my Mac doesn’t travel with me, but my laptop does)
GRAMPS version 5.1.5

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Another advantage to this addition is that After is a little vague, whereas From gives a definite starting date. After 20 JAN 1970 could mean any date after that one.

Unfortunately, Gramps cannot modify or add date qualifiers. These have to be understood universally through the GEDCOM standard used by all programs.

With the three qualifiers “after <date>”, “before <date>”, and “from <date1> to <date2>”, the Gramps place hierarchy and name changes can be configured to create a date path for any event date to create the correct place name.

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Couldnt it be possible to have a system where when you just do “From [Date1]” it just shows that, but in the back end it says “From [Date1] to [Date 2]” where date 2 is either just set to whatever date you export something on, or a date in the future or something else entierly?

This concept is discussed extensively on the GitHub Pull Request about date spans.


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