Date quality in GEDCOM exports

The Gramps data model supports date quality on all dates including compound dates. This allows dates to be marked as estimated or calculated. A common example is when a source includes a person’s age on a given date. In this case, a date range for the date of birth can be calculated from the age and event date.

About 10 years ago we included this functionality in the GEDCOM export. However, we included it as a non-standard extension. GEDCOM does not allow recording of date ranges or spans to be calculated or estimated.

We have received a pull request that removes date quality from compound dates in the GEDCOM export. Will this cause anyone any problems? Do you use this feature?

Perhaps one of our GEDCOM experts would like to comment.

I have not used GEDCOM since migrating to Gramps and importing from a GEDCOM.

If I have estimated a date, I would use between… and … or use the calculated date but not label it as such. I treat all dates as unconfirmed until I find documentation for it.

So in short, this change would have no affect on my work.

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