Date filter for specific month and day regardless of year

Is it possible to filter events based on only the month and day (for example, show me all of the events that occurred on April 12, regardless of year)?

The sidebar date filter lets me enter a year; or a year and month and zero for the day; or a year, month and day; but not a month and day without a year (entering 0 for the year is accepted but not effective for this purpose). The date in the “Events with <data>” filter rule seems to work the same.

Close the sidebar filter and the list filter now displays at the top. Set the filter for Date contains and enter the month and day as displayed in your list. It will filter as a text field.

month day filter

As a text field it will return 2 Apr, 12 Apr, and 22 Apr if your search term is 2 Apr.

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Excellent, thank you @DaveSch!

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