Customizable Avatars for GraphView

Ivan has submitted a PR that supports a new feature in GraphView.

It now supports Themed avatars. The original Avatars are cartoonish in style. It seemed like they clashed with the B&W photos or portrait paintings of non-Avatar persons. New avatars offered include Light & Dark Silhouettes. Or, you can define your own set of Male & Female.

This works beautifully! Thanks Ivan!

The developer is intrigued by the idea of allowing Themed Avatars be applied by looking at additional attributes beyond Gender.

We discussed Era or Age at death as possible attributes. So, like Cameo brooches, an avatar might indicate a woman died as 1920s ‘flapper’ in her 20s, a Edwardian-age grand dame, as a babe in swaddling, or as a toddler.
flapper Cameo
But even doing experiments would require collecting a few sets of Avatars.

Could you help us collect few copyright-unrestricted Avatar images?

[Note that the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) was used to clean up scans of silhouettes from a century old wedding record. Oversized developmental copies, with layers for the genders, were saved in GIMP’s native .xcf format. But the final silhouettes were made into smaller, reduced color-mode PNG files with transparent backgrounds. Smaller avatar files mean faster loading graphs!]

I just thought of a genderless variant.

People often confuse Astrology & Genealogy. An amusing variant would be a divination oriented theme based on one of the zodiacs: