Copy repositories from one tree to a new one

Having tried out other tools for a year, I am now finding Gramps a better way to document and follow up my genealogical research. I have a gedcom-file from Family Tree Builder, but opening it in Gramps I find it cluttered and in need of extensive quality control. I started off with my repositories, but have realised quality control will be better if I actually enter my tre manually, improving citations and my media database as I go along. However, I’d like to keep my brand new list of repositories. Is there a way to copy repositories between trees and re-use them, allowing me a fresh start with repositories included?

(Using GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 on Windows 10)

I had a similar issue when I moved to Gramps. What I did was import the GEDCOM, created by Rootsmagic, and then deleted everything except the sources, repositories and places which I then tidied up. I then started building the tree up again from scratch but without having to create the sources, repositories and places.


I ended up doing something similar. As I had already started adding some data into a brand new database, I made a copy of the cluttered one where repositories were tidied up. In this copy I deleted everything but repositories, then exported as gramps XML and imported this into the brand new database. Got what I wanted.


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