Are we ready for Python 3.10?

When testing the new Linux Mint 21.2 beta, I found that the LifeLineChartView plug-in gave a problem that couldn’t be cured with the usual remedy, meaning the installation of the goocanvas module.

In this case, the error was similar to what was reported here, in another project:

And this error is only visible when you run Gramps from terminal. When the plug-in loading fails, Gramps only reports the usual stuff, sending the user to our wiki, which does not cover this.

A quick search on Google suggests that we may have more issues like this, even on this group, coming from users with recent versions of ubuntu, who also have Python 3.10.

This looks like it has already been fixed in life_line_chart module (v1.7.7), but if you still have problems please contact the author.

There are no imports of MutableSequence in the Gramps core code.

I removed the plugin and then checked again, and found that the proper version of the module was installed. My bad.

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