Add a Help menu link for non-English users

Maybe Gramps could add a Help menu item about translating Gramps? It could be a context-driven hotlink for users currently running Gramps in a foreign language or wanting to add a new language.

When running in non-English, the menu item would be about addressing a GUI element that had not been translated and point to a translator webpage. Something like “Report untranslated text”. This might be the most important string to have correctly translated in each language.

  image :globe_with_meridians:

If running in the default “English”, the label would be different. It would indicate the hotlink pointed at a webpage related running Gramps in a different language… either by installing an existing translation or creating a new one.

Tip #63 in "Tip of the Day" is a language oriented item... but it is not terribly useful.

<tip number="63"><b>Don't speak English?</b><br/>Volunteers have translated Gramps into more than 40 languages. If Gramps supports your language and it is not being displayed, set the default language in your operating system and restart Gramps.</tip>

Good suggestions.

Not sure I understand what the menu item would be (or do) when Gramps is running in English. Is one even required?

The wiki entry points for non-english speaking users are virtually non-existent.

A translated native language Menu item (leading to a wikipage helping users that find residual English in a mostly translated copy of Gramps) would address that. That page could instruct the user (in their native tongue) would to report the problem. Or how to become a Weblate translator.

As would a ‘help’ menu item (prefixed with a standard translate) icon that points to a page about how to set up (install and configure) Gramps to run in one of the supported languages. And maybe the main ‘Help’ menu label could prefixed with a “life ring buoy” Unicode character as a guide for users of different alphabets. (If such a character exists)

:ring_buoy: Ring Buoy : U+1F6DF Unicode Information

Meaning: ring buoy
Codepoint: U+1F6DF
Unicode Version: 14.0 (2021-09-14) New
Emoji Version: 14.0 (2021-09-14) New
Type Field: Basic Emoji
Qualified Status: fully-qualified
Emoji = 1
Emoji Presentation = 1
Extended Pictographic = 1
Categories: :bus: Travel & Places
Sub Categories: :ship: transport-water
UTF-8: F09F9B9F
Decimal: ALT+128735

My 1st response missed answering the question.

The menu item in English would point to a VERY terse FAQ listing the questions about getting started or using Gramps with alternate languages.

People will want to discover if their language is supported and find translated instructions on how to switch languages.

(The language FAQ page should merely be a bullet list of topics pointing to other pages. This should be the easiest page to translate on the website. It should be less than a page so no one is intimidated by the task of translating it.

Even if the branching pages have not yet been translated, this page of translation topics should exist in all supported languages. Links to this page could also be added to the WordPress pages.)

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