Where is the thread about a missing Rule for the Filter+ scraper?

Someone posted in a Thread about an equivalent Rule being missing for one field in one category of the Filter Gramplets. (Equivalent Rules are needed in all categories to make the Filter+ scraping feature universal. )

I cannot seem to find it. Can the OP point out where the Missing Rule message was posted? (A reference can be added in the Thread discussing the integration of the Filter+ features into 5.3 version.)

A feature request has been posted to expand the broad scope filter rules to the categories where it is missing: the “General filter” to search for a substring

0013226: expand rule “People : People with records containing ” to all categories

Likewise the “Events:Event filters:Events matching parameters” rule is a superset of the “Events:General filters:Events with <data>” rule. (There’s a 13124 bug report about consolidating them.)

So we need a discussion of which is preferable (more intuitive) then consolidate in Events while expanding to have a comparable rule in all categories.

The mystery has been resolved. The posting was subsequently withdrawn.

So let us continue to the discussion:

  • which subcategory the Parameters/<data> rule is preferred: General or the category.
  • should the rule be labeled with ‘Parameters’ or ‘<data>’