Using Chinese/Korean Lunar dates

Some of the data I research from Korean ancestors is in lunar dates. However, in the calendar list, there is no corresponding calendar to this type of lunar calendar (it uses the same years but different month/days than the Gregorian calendar). Is there a way to handle this, or do I have to find a tool and convert all dates into Gregorian calendar dates manually?


There is a github project about conversion. The language is python.

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See feature request #4400.

To implement these calendars we would need to write functions to convert the date to and from a serial date number. The serial date number is just the number of days from a fixed date.

We would also need to enhance the date editor to handle intercalation, which seems to be a leap month.

Thank you, that feature request seems to be something going back for a long-long time.
For the time being, I can convert the date to solar calendar and just add the lunar date as an “attribute” to the record.
It, of course screws up the anniversary calculation, as the anniversaries are held based on the lunar calendar of the current year, but it’s not a big deal.

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