Targeted Duplicate seek

There is a Find Possible Duplicate People built-in tool that compares the entire Tree against itself. It has match 3 levels of fuzziness thresholds (low/medium/high) and Soundex phonetic name matching. (Since Gramps is an international tool with names in many languages, wish it defaulted to Double Metaphone instead. Metaphone Enhancement Requests exist.)

Could this functionality be recycled and narrowed to only match a single Person?

It would be nice to have Seek button to compliment the Ok & Cancel on the New Person creation dialog.

Allowing the user to seek fuzzy matches at any point when Adding a new person. (If a “match” is chosen from the list, a merge dialog could appear, allowing the Data Entry effort to not be lost. Preserving the data entry work includes shifting the name data into an Alternate Name entry.) Then the Person Editor for that resulting Person could be opened and any secondary objects would have be shifted and the redundant Add Person Editor disappears. This re-focused Person Editor remaining open would allow seamless continued data entry.

Additionally, if a Seek option is exercised from an Add Person dialog spawned from a Family Editor, it would be useful if the Duplicate fuzzy search also offered Families that might match. (Comparing 1 person if the Spouse was undefined but comparing 2 persons if the spouse had already been set.) Choosing a Family would merge secondary objects into the appropriate spouse of that existing Family and pop both the Edit dialog for that spouse AND a Merge Person dialog for the other Spouse.

In addition, the spawning Family Editor dialog would have to be re-focused to Edit the duplicate Family. (Dunno how that could be done considering that there were spawned dialogs that could be orphaned.)

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This targeted duplicate seeking functionality might also be implemented as a new option for the Merge toolbar button when only 1 object is selected. (Another interface access point might be as a pop-up contextual menu option.)

Fixing multiple instances of the same person would be possible from the resulting dialog by using Compare in repetition.

Similar functionality would be useful for multiples of other Objects. It could be added incrementally as fuzzy matching criteria evolved. (For instance, a stronger Fuzzy match is implied between multiple Birth Events for the same Person.)

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