Setting up a Gramps Development system in Mint

Currently I am trying to set up a Gramps development system on a Windows virtual box .
My other post refers to an install under Visual Studio code or WSL
At present I have no preference for one over the other and since I have not been able to make enough progress to use either, I would like to devote this thread to resolving the issues I am running up against in VirtualBox Linux/Mint environment.
Base line:
Windows 10 64-bit
Install Oracle VirtualBox - free version
Install Guest Additions
Install Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon
Clone the current Gramps from github to ~/Gramps
install Eric debugger via Software sources
Have python 3.8.10 installed

Current state:
running python3 build results in error: no module setuptools
running eric
sort-of work, but pops up a pile of warnings about a missing localedir
I can run Gramps and all seems to work, but I am unable to run a debug session within eric.

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