Running Custom Filters (Delete Descendants of remote relatives)

I have a large combined family tree and want to delete descendants of remote relatives, but retain these relatives. I have developed a custom filter and proceeded to the “Define Filter” with the appropriate rules. I can’t proceed to execute the filter. The People Tree View appears, but that is where I stop. What are my next steps please? Tim


Once you have your filter written, to execute it you go to the view’s sidebar Filter. There will be the Custom Filter selector that will open any of your filters written for that view.

After selecting the desired filter, click on Find.

Note: A custom filter can still be combined with other options available in the sidebar filter.

And a word of advice. Make sure you have a backup that you set aside from other backups because it contains the people that you want to delete. Maybe later you reconsider and really want them included. Or better yet, create an Export of just these people using the same filter you created to delete them.

Thank you. Sorry! After selecting, the Person View shows 0/1629. How do I execute please, or how do I know that the filter has progressed? Maybe my filter is incomplete. Tim.

Based upon the number of people showing, the filter did not find anyone that met its parameters. 0 people out of 1629.

What were you filtering for to find the people you were looking to find?

I’m stuck and embarrassed. I have created what I believe is a custom filter with the various windows

Humblest apologies for being so ignorant: I am using V5.2.2 with Windows 11: After preparing a custom filter I can’t activate it. One Help guide says: “…press the button”. What button, or what do I do next? Tried the “Test Filter” – no response. Does the system check the filter for validity before running? Is there a step-by-step list of instructions for dummies please? Very sorry! Tim

Building and using Custom Filters has a learning curve. No need for applogies nor embarrassment. Most people providing help here are just paying back the assistance they were given.

Custom Filters can be convoluted… and hard to describe. It is easiest with a screen capture.

This capture is of the Isotammi project’s addon “Filter Parameters” (aka FilterParams) tool. Although you would have to add the Isotammi project to the Addon Manager and change the addons Filter to “Expert”, it is worth the effort.

The Test run button in Filter Parameters has a more feedback in the results dialog. It actually identifies the name of the Custom Filter being tested and then gives a count of th objects found with the filter.

Here is the same custom filter in the “Define Filter” Editor dialog. It shows the options menu.
Since a person cannot simultaneously be 2 genders in Gramps and the rules test for 2, the “All rules must apply” cannot ever be satisfied. So to look for EITHER male or unknown, the option should be “At least one rule must apply” or “Exactly one rule must apply”

All list views will have as a default a Filter app loaded in the view’s sidebar,

Select your custom filter from the Custom Filter list.

Activate Find to filter the list and return just the desired records.

While gathering the desired records, Gramps will open a Progress Bar window, or multiple windows.

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