Refreshing "Description"

GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1 Windows 10

Is there a tool or way to refresh the Description in an event? The Birth and Death events create a description like “Birth of John Smith” but I then had to edit the name suffix and it did not alter the description. Any solution or suggestions? Thanks

I have also checked and at this stage have 7,959 events and only 7,602 of these have a description. Any suggestions on how to force a description as the ones without descriptions include Birth, Death, etc (ie the standard events types)?

I don’t see any value in having this data in the descriptions. It is a waste of storage since such descriptions can be (and should be) generated on the fly.

There is a tool that will populate blank descriptions. But I don’t see a corresponding tool to flush or refresh the description.

Make a backup BEFORE running this very dangerous addon.

Thanks for the suggestion. Did a backup and ran this addon and appears it has worked fine for the blank ones. Does not look like it refreshes or overrides any existing one.

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