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This has been discussed at No Children, Dead End Lines, Never Married suggestion where custom tags were suggested. It was also mentioned there that “useful postings” on this matter could be found at however for me that link returns: " We can’t connect to the server at ."

One correspondent in the No Children, Dead End Lines, Never Married suggestion thread wrote:

I have two tags for this:

  • no children for a family (green)
  • single for one person (purple)

It’s easy in the graphview view to see where are the dead end lines

here is an example:

The layout of the provided example there is not familiar to me, and for the differentiation it uses colour, which I would prefer to avoid. In any case, as I heavily rely on Charts > Pedigree, I would find useful some indication of “No child” in Charts > Pedigree, presumably based on some event type or tag I would have to add.

If already available please point me to where I can learn how to use it, if not already available will consideration be given to such a feature?

Options might include thickening the outline on the ‘outside’ border for a “No child” individual, or changing the “+” for death in those cases to say " ¤", or appending " ¤" to the display for date of death, or adding say “No child” under the “*” and “+” symbols.

GRAMPS: GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2
Python: 3.6.4 (default, Jan 23 2018, 13:17:37) …
BSDDB: 6.1.0 (6, 0, 30)
sqlite: 3.21.0 (2.6.0)
OS: Windows

Whenever you see a Nabble search for the Gramps MailList, you can query those terms in the archive instead:

Then select the “View entire thread” from the bottom of the most recent of the found threads:

In the above thread, the original poster choose to leverage the “Number of children” Person Attribute. This is where the NCHI record value from an INDIvidual GEDCOM import is stored.

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Thanks emyoulation. (I’m afraid I have so far found Discourse highly counterintuitive and difficult to use.) I’ll visit SourceForge and “View entire thread”.

I see a “Number of Marriages” attribute is standard (ie not Custom) but don’t see “Number of children” (yet), though I could presumably set up a “Number of children” attribute and have that as the trigger. However, there is still the main issue, I think, of how GRAMPS would ‘sense’ that that attribute is 0 and accordingly affect the Pedigree view screen?

(Separately, if GRAMPS did respond to a custom attribute for this, would there not be a risk of it failing if the custom attribute was named “#Children” or “Numero de Niñas/Niños” etc?)

I’ve now read the relevant archive (special thanks for your second link, or I might never have found the right place). Interesting. I already often add a dummy child, of Given name “sine prole”, where age and marital status might lead to expectation of a child, but am not keen on adding even more dummy children and then marking the lot as Private so they don’t appear in Text reports. And in Pedigree view it could still mean scrolling sideways for these dummies to become visible.

Please expound upon that comment.

The original problem described was with the 3rd party Nabble shell around the MailLists. By going directly to the Maillist and eliminating Nabble, that was simplified.

But to me, the MailList archives seem less accessible than the Discourse forum. What portion is counterintuitive? (The Discourse developers appreciate feedback.)

Note that the project leaders opted to not import the many years of archived maillist threads into Discourse. There were concerns that the sheer volume would overload the database.

The column editor for the People View can be configured to display a calculated number of children column.

I do not know if the similarly named Attribute is leveraged to override this calculated number nor if the Attribute is referenced by the birth Statistic charts or any reports.

My guess is that the Attribute would NOT be leveraged … or that it would be inconsistently recognized. And a translated header would worsen the recognition.

First, Discourse:

  • There is no Help button on the main screen (there is, now, an FAQ option, but that is not the same as documentation)
  • “New” at the top of the screen is used in different senses (both for “recent” and “Start your post”). Having read some posts (in particular ‘New’ ones, I had no idea that “+ New Topic” ( no tooltip) was a button to be pressed to start a thread. - And if already happening to be in a thread even “+New Topic” is not visible.
  • “Help” in the Discourse burger menu is for GRAMPS .
  • I think my post ended up with a suitable tag (ie “Help”) but (a) I don’t recall adding it, (b) don’t recall being asked for a tag and (c) don’t yet know how to add one
  • The tooltips on the layout guide were slow to pop up and when I gave more time I happened to choose one (extreme right) that seems to have no tooltip anyway.
  • To quote I selected some text , clicked on where I saw “Quote” and C&P’d - but no formatting has been added to distinguish the quote from what I wrote (though it’s clearly possible).
  • We can’t connect to the server at is nowhere near as helpful as you have been.
  • I still don’t know how, conveniently, to refer to a specific ‘answer’ (part of a thread) - ie I see no permalink (I have since!).
  • Maybe other irritations that I’ve either forgotten and/or since adjusted to.
    PS I can’t drag the edit screen out of the way of what is underneath it.


I’ve found the entry you mention for People View (wish I could configure the Family screen from there too!) but I doubt calculated would help because I’d like to ‘flag’ " No child" rather than “No child yet”.

It was because of issues like translation that I doubted the facility yet exists, as I think the Attribute route would require a ‘fixed’ (non-Custom) option, so ‘the system’ would know what to look for as the trigger.

Anyway, many thanks and I will mark this as Solved because the archive link you pointed me to has answered my question - no, it does not exist and no, consideration won’t be given.

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