No backup when leaving

Why, when an automatic backup has occurred and no data has changed, do a save again when exiting Gramps? Why not leave directly?

I too have noticed this happening. I open Gramps and navigate to a person to find an answer for a family gathering. “… when did aunt mary die? etc.” I will have often opened and closed several edit windows and then closing them after making no edits.

While minorly irksome, I see it as an assurance of having the backup. And it does take some time to make a backup on my Master Tree. Its current compressed .gramps size is 34.8MB.

There were a series of enhancement requests filed for the Backup feature.

Most have Pull Requests. I think that these PRs have all been merged into the 5.2 master. — but it is worth double-checking.

These include:

  • 0012563 “Abandon changes & Quit” performs unnecessary “Backup on exit”
  • 0011916 don’t auto-backup if nothing has changed (This was for timer controlled autobackup. Have not checked if it affects backup on exit)
  • 0011813 Add extended interval choices {12hrs & 24hrs} to automated backup
  • 0010953 delay auto backup triggering when coming out of OS hibernate

Not yet implemented:

  • 0012311 Restoring a backup fails with “cannot find” error
  • 0011817 Backup option: Add Note selection for ReadMe.txt insertion
  • 0011558 Exit is not abortable when backup upon exit fails
  • 0011061 [Autobackup](Automatic backup) Add option(s) to control maximum number of file backups or maximum disk space allocation used
  • 0010327 [MS-Windows] Default backup path name (to Gramps User Directory)

Just curious, and a bit lazy. Do we have a report about Gramps not making a backup when you switch trees? Switching means leaving tree A in favor of tree B, so it makes sense to create a backup then too.

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The reports linked above were all the outstanding ‘backup’ that were found with about a half-dozen searches.

Thanks for looking. I just created a report for this:

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added “backup” tag and set as related to the bug on “abandon changes”

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